Write & Share Your Story in 6 Steps by Aimee Chada

Write & Share Your Story in 6 Steps

You Have a Story That Another Woman Needs to Hear!

What's included?

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Welcome from Aimee
1 min
My Course Curriculum Checklist
172 KB
Your Story Journey Assessment
80.8 KB
Module 1-Story
Aimee's Story - I
10 mins
Aimee's Story Extra's 🤔
5 mins
God's Story Becomes Yours - Lesson Worksheet
120 KB
Engage with the Author
6 mins
Transform in the Mess
7 mins
We Have a Victorious Ending!
7 mins
Module 2 - Clarify
Why Clarify Our Stories Worksheet
110 KB
My Pivotal Moments Worksheet
114 KB
Why we Clarify our Stories - I
6 mins
Why we Clarify our Stories - II
5 mins
Why we Clarify Our Stories - III
7 mins
Explore Your Story Video: Clarify Your Pivotal Moments
6 mins
Module 3 - Meaning
Mapping My Pivotal Moments Worksheet
80.4 KB
Explore Your Story - Mapping Your Pivotal Moments
4 mins
Module 4 - Deeper
The Messy Middle - Worksheet
81.8 KB
Digging Deeper - Worksheet
84.7 KB
The Messy Middle
8 mins
Explore Your Story - Digging Deeper
7 mins
Module 4 - Bonuses
Processing Pain - Worksheet
88.5 KB
Bonus Video - Five Steps to Process Pain with Lisa Sanchez
12 mins
Overcome Worry - Worksheet
89 KB
Bonus Video - Overcome Worry with Denise Marek
14 mins
Module 5 - Message
Your Life is a Message - Lesson Worksheet
80 KB
My Life Messages Worksheet
87.9 KB
Your Life is a Message - Part I
11 mins
Your Life is a Message - Part II
17 mins
Explore Your Story - My Life Messages
7 mins
Module 5 - Bonuses
3 Steps to New Stories - Worksheet
91.4 KB
Bonus Video - Discovering Your Life's Mission with Lorie Hartshorn
13 mins
Module 6 - Share
Why Story Framework - Lesson Worksheet
78.3 KB
My Story Framework - Worksheet
77.3 KB
It Comes Down to Confidence
16 mins
Explore Your Story - Share Your Story Framework
10 mins
Module 6 - Bonuses
My Story Goals Worksheet
90 KB
Your Goals Celebration!
6 mins
My Celebration Plan Worksheet
88.6 KB
MindMeister of Aimee's story
Bonus - coupon for you!
Bonus - Finding Wisdom in Your Story Graphic
1.15 MB

Aimee Chada

As a young 20 year old I experienced a difficult situation involving a lot of shame. The process that helped me through was vulnerability and sharing my story. I am now married, with two amazing grown-up kids and a miniature poodle named Chewy. 🐩

In 2015 I Founded "SheSpeaks", an event for women to share their story and in 2017 I created this online course to help you write and clarify your story. 
"Every woman has a story that another woman needs to hear!"